Do You Discipline or Punish?

By Mary B. Hammock, MSN, CPNP Punishment controls behavior by using pain or unpleasantness to end a wrong behavior. Thousands of studies show that punishment teaches fear, aggression, and avoidance. Punishment is typically carried out in anger, frustration or in an attempt to establish dominance and immediate obedience. If your goal is to change a […]

Children of Divorce – Collateral Damage

By: Mary B. Hammock, MSN, CPNP Each year more than one million children become collateral damage in their parent’s divorce. While I understand ending a marriage and dividing a family is a gut-wrenching decision, helping your children through the divorce and its aftermath MUST be top priority! Take Care of You Divorce is stressful and […]

Children Get Headaches, Too

By: Mary B. Hammock, MSN, CPNP Many parents worry that headaches in children are signs of brain tumors or other serious medical conditions. However, headaches in children are common and frequently are attributed to acute illness and infection, including sinus, throat, and ear infections, and often accompany fever. Children also suffer from headaches attributed to […]

A Child’s Anxiety

By: Mary B. Hammock, MSN, CPNP Anxiety is a normal part of life, even for children.  Stress and mild anxiety are motivating.  It helps one to meet deadlines, study for exams, and make goals.  Anxiety comes in phases and the phases are generally temporary and harmless.   Children who struggle with significant anxiety may experience fear, […]


Life, in general, is full of advice. When you are pregnant, the advice is voluminous. Advice comes from pregnancy and childbirth magazines, books, family, friends and your obstetrician’s office. Not all advice is good advice and weeding through it all can be overwhelming.